Pool Construction Process

Below are the steps we take when our pools are built:

Creating the Space:

pool-construction-tulsa-02We frame the perimeter of the pool in the space you’ve chosen. Once it’s ready, we use our equipment to efficiently remove 200-300 yards of earth to create the shape of the pool, and we spread gravel over the floor of the opening. We can generally complete this excavation process in one day.

Reinforcing With Steel:

We create a reinforcement structure in the opening with steel bars (a combination of ½ inch thick and ¾ inch thick). The bars are lowered into the space vertically and horizontally, forming a ‘basket’ around the pool. For additional strength, we then add more steel bars around the top 12 inches of the pool wall and also in the section that will shift from shallow to deep.


Installing the plumbing:

Industry standard dictates that we encase all the pool piping inside the pool wall. Not only does this virtually eliminate later plumbing problems, but it helps protect the pipes from the ups and downs of Oklahoma weather. After we connect the pipes in the wall skeleton, we extend them back to the equipment pad where they are pressure tested. The pipes pass our thorough quality control tests before we add the gunite.


Forming the Gunite wall:

Gunite is the mixture of sand and cement we use to form the wall of the pool. It is run into our pumps as a dry mixture, and we add water to it onsite when we’re ready to mold it into place. Our pool walls are thick and sturdy, and their dimensions exceed industry standards. We form our walls to be at least 10 inches thick at all points, and our floors are at least 8 inches thick. We have a team of craftsmen who specialize in creating each pool’s beautiful shape, and we’ve been told by customers that this day of the process is the most enjoyable to watch.

Adding the Coping:

Coping is the cover around the top edge of the swimming pool. Not only does it provide safety by hiding the concrete edges and the tops of the steel bars, it also adds a barrier to keep water out of the pool shell and allows for expansion and contraction. In addition, the coping integrates the tile and the finish of the pool, making it an important element of the design. We can use poured concrete, brick, bluestone, or limestone to create the coping around your pool..

Laying Tile :

We lay frost-proof tile at the waterline and as far out as you’d like. Tile looks decorative, and it’s also an easy-to-clean surface, making it ideal for use around your pool. You can also choose to have us trim your stairs, spa benches, and steps with tile.


Build Your Pool Deck or Apron:

This step is a fun one for our customers. You get to see the complete design you’ve envisioned come to life! Do you want slides? Diving boards? A separate spa area? A large open space for entertaining? Whatever you’d like, we can work with you to make it happen! You’ll be able to choose from several materials for your deck, including limestone, stamped concrete, bluestone, brick, or broom finished concrete.

Finishing With Plaster:

Our final step before you can start swimming! To create a non-slip yet smooth, waterproof surface, we add a layer of pool plaster (a combination of finely ground marble and white cement) to the interior of your pool. You can choose the traditional white, or you can select one of our even more durable colored finishes. When this process is complete, we will get out of your way so you can enjoy your pool!

The Finished Pool:


See more examples of our work on our Pool Gallery page.

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